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Benefits of planting a hedge

When looking at boundary fencing or a standout landscaping feature; there are many benefits to planting a hedge especially as they are offering a secure, hardwearing and low maintenance solution.

While there are a number of plants you can use for hedging, Flora Nursery sells a multitude of Camellias each year for garden hedges. Once established, the camellias offer a low maintenance solution and provide a dense green hedge with an abundance of beautiful flowers throughout autumn and winter. Read our article on the most popular Camellias used in hedging.

camellia hedge

Here are the key benefits to planting a hedge:

  1. Privacy
    Thick dense hedges offer a great degree of privacy. Hedges can be used as a boundary fence to keep out prying eyes, as a screen for certain areas or as a standout feature within your landscaping. They also cannot be climbed, providing greater security to your property.
  2. Sound and Wind Break
    Dense hedging will act as both a sound and wind break. With wind, the thickness of the foliage will catch and reduce the severity of the wind. As there are natural gaps within the hedge, it will let some of the wind through, making it ideal for very windy areas as it is less likely to be damaged by strong winds. The sound break properties can help reduce the volume of sound for houses near busy roads.
  3. Long Lasting, low maintenance
    Once established, apart from watering and pesticide treatments as required, your hedge will only require pruning annually or as desired to keep its shape. These simple maintenance tasks will keep your hedge thriving and with their long lifespans, hedging makes a cost-effective option.
  4. Environmentally Friendly
    Hedges create a safe haven for birds while the pollen in the stamens of the flowers will attract birds and bees helping them to pollinate. The roots of the hedges can also help with drainage and excess groundwater.
  5. Enhance your property
    Hedges are exceptional at enhancing the landscaping on your property. The evergreen shrubs provide an aesthetic natural look and can be used to hide unattractive features. They can be used to create secluded areas or to highlight property attributes. When in flower, the additional colour will bring beauty and a soft overall feel to the hedge.

Tips for planting a Camellia Sasanqua hedge:

  • Ensure you choose plants idea for the sun and shade conditions of the area where the hedge will be. Camellia Sasanqua’s prefer full sun to slightly shaded areas. For areas with more shade, speak to your Landscaper to see if the Camellia Japonica is better suited.
  • When planting the hedge, ensure you plant your camellias 1-1.2metres apart.
  • Prune the hedge in early spring to create the desired shape without impacting on the buds for autumn flowering.
  • Plant a few different Camellia varieties to get a range of colour and blooms throughout the hedge.
  • A drip irrigation line can be set up to help easily water the hedge when initially planted and then to be used as needed.

Flora Nursery specialises in growing Camellia Sasanquas and Japonicas both of which are ideal hedging plants. Their knowledge and experience with Camellias ensure they produce high quality strong Camellias, perfect for the Sydney weather. As suppliers to local nurseries and landscapers throughout Sydney, contact Flora Nursery for their current camellia availability and recommendations for your hedge.

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