Flora Nursery

Flora Nursery

Specialist Camellia Nursery

Flora Nursery is a wholesale nursery in Sydney, known for supplying an extensive range of high quality camellias, general lines, trees and shrubs to landscapers, garden maintenance businesses and other nurseries. 

As a specialist Camellia Nursery, Flora Nursery grows a vast range of camellias, across both the Sasanqua and Japonica varieties. The nursery also grows general trees and shrubs. 
A family run business since 1960, Flora Nursery has a deep knowledge and love for plants and is known for producing quality plants grown from cuttings to point of sale. 

Plants propagated from cuttings

Plants available in sizes from 140ml to 110 Litre

Specialists in Camellias, both sasanquas and japonicas

Known for crafting the Camellia ‘Creek’

Third Generation Plant Growers

A cultivated history of growing plants

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