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The Beginning

Flora Nursery was established in 1960 by Alessandro Lazzaroni on his property in West Pymble. It was run as a nursery with a focus on growing good quality camellias and general line plants along with trees and shrubs. Alessandro grew the business slowly, cultivating and propagating all the nursery stock to build up his range of camellias, conifers and maples. He grafted many of the plants by hand and passed on his knowledge to his children.

Flora Nursery was a family affair with son Francesco (Frank) and daughter Anna learning all about the plants and every aspect of running the nursery throughout their childhood. From an early age, both Frank and Anna became entrenched in Flora Nursery. They worked alongside their father to grow the nursery. Known for excellent advice and quality plants, Flora Nursery soon became known as specialist camellia growers of both Sasanqua and Japonica’s. Flora Nursery made a name for itself in the heart of the North Shore for over 60 years.


Flora’s Expansion


In 1984, Frank Lazzaroni with his fathers’ help, expanded Flora Nursery by purchasing land out at Kenthurst. This became the growth site for the plants. Flora Nursery propagates all their camellias from cuttings. This process gives them the ability to grow a wide variety of camellias while ensuring the quality of each plant as it matures, remains high. Growing each plant from cuttings, combined with its rich family traditions gave the owners of Flora Nursery a well-earned knowledge of plants, which they are happy to share.


Flora Nursery are known within the industry for crafting the Camellia named ‘Creek’. A chance seedling, this camellia started growing in the creek of the nursery, which lead to its name. Camellia Creek is a superb white single sasanqua which is even faster growing than the sought after Setsugekka. You can find out more about Flora’s rich camellia heritage when Costa and the Gardening Australia crew featured Flora Nursery in their segment Camellia Crazy


Wholesale Nursery Sydney


Today, Flora Nursery is run as a wholesale nursery from Kenthurst by Simon Salvi. Simon is Anna’s son who has been part of the business his whole life, but actively engaged in business activities since 2000. Simon learnt everything he knows about the plants from his mother, uncle and grandfather. Having grown up in the business and watched its expansion; Simon is passionate about the nursery, growing high quality plants and ensuring his stock is highly sought after. View some of the plants grown at Flora in our Plant Gallery


Flora Nursery supplies Landscapers, Garden Maintenance and Nurseries. View our latest availability list and call (02) 9654 9670 for plant orders and enquiries. 

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